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Smart Watches Pose Dangerous Distractions to Drivers

By now it is common knowledge that mobile phones are dangerous distractions to those operating vehicles. Scrolling through your playlist to pick the next song, texting your friend that you're almost there, and answering your mom's call are just a few examples of the endless diversions cellphones are responsible for. Smartphones and their diverse applications and capabilities only add to the list--so where does this leave the recent addition to the smart-device family, the smart watch?   According to 2015 a study conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in Wokingham, Berks, United Kingdom, smart watches delay response time by 2.52 seconds. To put this into perspective, a mobile phone presents a 1.85 second delay and speaking with the person in the passenger's seat presents a .9 second delay. Therefore it is clear to see how the smart watch has the potential to wreak some severe damage on the roads.   The reason smart watches are so detrimental to road safety is because of the angle required to read its face. You would have to take one hand off of the steering wheel and twist your forearm towards you to look down upon your watch and catch up on its notifications. This seemingly simple maneuver is monumentally dangerous in its distracting capabilities.   Moreover, to scroll through the watch or to tap on any applications, you have to take both hands off of the steering wheel to do so, as interacting with the watch is largely a two-handed situation.   And finally, the watch is in your line of sight, and any time the screen lights up or any notification method engages, you will automatically be tempted to check out what is happening. For these reasons, it is simply and utterly unsafe to operate a vehicle while donning a smart watch of any kind. With an upped delayed response time, drivers are more apt to break suddenly and forcefully and generally endanger themselves and those around them. If you ever get in to an accident or are hit by a distracted driver, call Rhett Hoestenbach, personal injury lawyer, to secure the care and guidance you deserve and can trust.

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