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Five Reasons Why Driving Downtown Is So Stressful

In general, operating a vehicle in heavy traffic can stress anyone out, but mix traffic with a downtown location and the recipe for stress is perfect. Here are the five main reasons why driving downtown can be so stress-inducing and some times to keep those levels low.

  1. Construction

No matter the size of the city, construction seems to be an ever-present obstacle. Shut down roads, weird and confusing detours and the like make operating your vehicle way more complicated and annoying than it ever should be. In order to avoid this stressful downtown trait, check out the traffic forecast before you head out, as they usually include spots featuring construction. 2. One-way roads Rarely an issue anywhere else, one-way streets really know how to elevate a stress level. Even if you're a native or local, one-way roads always seem so to sneak up and surprise you. Moreover, they truly seem to appear only when you're already harried and lost. Consult your intended route ahead of time to spot any one-way street situations. 3. Pedestrians People are major stress inducers, and even more so when they obstruct your car's path. When it comes to foot traffic in cities, pedestrians seem to cross the streets willy-nilly, without so much as a second look. They ignore basic traffic rules like jaywalking and walking signs. So not only are you probably already stressed to the limit thanks to the aforementioned aspects, but when people join the equation your stress is likely to go through the roof. 4. Checking your directions Even if you are a local, native to the city sometimes construction and events and other happenings can disrupt your well-known paths. Therefore, you may find yourself checking directions on your phone just to make sure you reach your destination. If you have to repeatedly look down at your phone while trying to drive and avoid accidents, the stress will just creep in and permeate your entire outing. Avoid the guesswork and familiarize yourself with your intended route before even hopping in the car. 5. Other drivers You may know your way around no problem, but that is not to say that your fellow downtown drivers do. If they're going slow, gawking at the sites and constantly checking their directions, you may find yourself in a stressful mindset thanks to their actions. This is why whenever you head out to drive to and through any downtown area you should prepare yourself for the circus it will inevitably be. Take a deep breath and keep your eyes on the road. If you find yourself the victim of an automobile accident, contact Rhett Hoestenbach, personal injury attorney, to secure the care and guidance you deserve. This part shouldn't be stressful.  

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