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Safety Files: Pedestrian Edition

It's one of the first things you mom teaches you: look both ways before you cross the street. While this is sage, relevant advice, staying safe when in pedestrian mode is much more complicated than a few sideways glances. Now more than ever (thanks to the heavy dependency on smart phones and other gadgets) drivers are distracted, and you cant trust them to watch out for you. Here are the best practices to stay safe as a pedestrian.   Stay alert GPS systems, the radio, answering text messages and countless other distractions threaten drivers every day. With so many things to do and check and listen to, it's no wonder distracted driving has manifested in to such a major issue as of late. Therefore, when you are a pedestrian you need to be as undistracted as possible to make up for those operating the vehicles on the road a few feet from you. Avoid listening to music or using headphones as this detracts from your hearing abilities. It is important you can hear clearly to respond and avoid any danger. Moreover, your vision should be as unencumbered as possible. This means avoid scrolling through social media apps on your phone or catching up on the latest news stories--your line of vision should be focused on what's going on around you so that you may stay as safe as possible. Wear sunglasses if there is a distracting and obstructing glare.   Stand out If you spend a lot of time in pedestrian mode you should consider purchasing bright clothing to ensure your own visibility. If you stand out, drivers are more likely to see you and award you with a wide, safe berth. Reflective gear is also a smart apparel choice for walking in the early evening and eventual dark. You can pick up some smart selections from any sporting goods store. The brighter the better!   Play by the rules of the road Just like your mom taught you, never cross the street without first looking left and right. As a rule of thumb you should stick to using crosswalks, walking signals and other road safety features created with pedestrian use in mind. Be aware of bike lanes, too, and treat cyclists like you would any other driver (pay them extra attention as they are tougher to spot and see). Whenever you are a pedestrian it is ultimately up to you to ensure your own safety. Do not depend upon automobile and truck drivers to pay enough attention for you. Stay alert, make your presence known and abide by traffic laws. Unencumber yourself from any distractions that take away from your capacity to see and hear incredibly clearly--these two senses are a pedestrian's best friend.   If for some unfortunate reason you or someone you know is the victim of a vehicle/pedestrian related crash, you should seek dependable legal help immediately. Rhett Hoestenbach, personal injury lawyer, is well versed and dependable when it comes to representing clients and guiding them to resolution. Stay safe out there.

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