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Road Safety: How To Drive in Cold Weather Conditions

Though it's incredibly rare for Austin, Texas to see even a spot of snow, it doesn't mean temperatures don't drop during the winter months. So while your friends who live in snow-prone parts of the country may have to get chains for their cars and watch out for black ice, you still have to make some road safety adjustments too--snow or no snow. Here are your hyper-local road safety tips for operating a vehicle in cold weather. Never (NEVER) run your car in an enclosed area, i.e. your garage. As nice as a warm and toasty car's interior may feel on a cold winter's morning, it is dangerous to run your car in an enclosed space due carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal. So wake up a few minutes early and either get your car heating up outside of the garage or invest in a to-go coffee cup and driving gloves. Mornings are the coldest! Check the air in your tires. With changing temperatures comes the threat of your tires' air pressure fluctuation. Before heading out make sure your air quality is just right so that you don't run in to any issues on the road and en route. Tires that are too full or too low can cause car accidents both major and minor. On a similar note, keep your gas tank full (or at least half full). You never know what winter weather conditions and temperatures may do to driving conditions. Accidents happen and traffic is inevitable, but when winter comes along drivers tend to cause even more mayhem. Just to be safe you need to keep your car full and prepared to wait out a long traffic line or any other winter-related roadblock. Watch out for ice! Just because Austin isn't synonymous with snow does not mean a bit of ice can sneak up on you. Black ice, regular ice, frost or whatever sort of cold substance you can imagine may affect the roads upon which you drive. Therefore you need to keep a lookout and remain hyperaware of your surroundings--oftentimes an accident could be someone else's fault but it's still your job to remain focused. As an extra precaution do not use cruise control or any other of your car's similar features when there is a chance of an ice coating on the streets. No matter what, you need to remain aware to stay safe. Be alert, well rested and ready for anything when you climb into the driver's seat--especially when temperatures get colder. However, accidents do happen no matter how well you're prepared or how good of a driver you are. If you find yourself or someone you know the victim of an accident related to cold weather conditions (or anything else) call Rhett Hoestenbach, personal injury lawyer, to get the support and guidance you deserve.

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