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The Parking Lot Guide to Black Friday

Forget Thanksgiving, most Americans consider Black Friday to be this week's true cause for celebration. Once all the food is digested and the stress of family overload forgotten, the masses turn their attention to mass consumption of another sort. If you are one of the thousands who plan to embark on a Black Friday expedition there are a few safety procedures you should be aware of, such as how to keep your car and self safe in overcrowded lots. Below are some safety tips to maneuver through your mall's parking lot this Friday.

  1. Park further away than you usually would.

Regardless of the fact that walking is plain old good for you, there's a good chance you will need to walk off that extra Thanksgiving weight. Moreover, if you park pretty far away from the store's entrance, away from all the other Black Friday shoppers, your car is more likely to stay safe. Scratches from opening doors, dented bumpers and other parking lot conditions are less likely to damage your car's exterior.       2. Stay aware of your surroundings (both of the human and automobile variety). It's impossible to ignore: parking lots around the holiday season are surefire danger zones. Thanks to reckless drivers and unaware pedestrians, the accident possibilities are infinite. When in your car stay on the lookout for unassuming shoppers, and don't assume they are watching out for drivers like you. When your role switches to that of a pedestrian you should do your best to watch out for careless drivers preoccupied by the rush of Black Friday. As always, remaining alert and educated about your surroundings is your best bet. Staying aware of your surroundings is also of paramount importance when it comes to your safety during the holiday season. Unfortunately, this time of year is ripe for crime and many criminals capitalize on preoccupied (with money to spend and gifts in hand) to pounce. It is incredibly necessary to look out for dangerous people when in parking lots. Make sure no one is sitting in your back seat when you get back in your car and try to avoid walking between cars, where criminals often hide.       3. Remember where you parked and how your car looked. This may sound simple but it's super important you remain knowledgeable of your parking location. The worst thing that can happen to a heavily laden shopper is to lose their memory of where they parked. Take a picture on your phone or save your location in your notes. Furthermore, you should remember how your car looked. That is to say if your vehicle should incur any scratches or dents courtesy of your parking lot neighbors, you need to know whom to blame or call. If you find yourself a victim this holiday season call Rhett Hoestenbach, personal injury lawyer. With incredible expertise and experience, the firm can offer the support and guidance you'll need.

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