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Should you call 911 after a fender bender? Why calling the police after an accident is a good thing to do.

  Fender benders--they happen to the best of us. Whether you accidentally tap someone's bumper as you back out of a congested parking lot or you find yourself rear-ended at a stop sign, minor car accidents are almost accepted as common occurrences. Since they seem so commonplace and practically expected, many drivers choose to deal with fender benders themselves, without the help of the police and sometimes without the assistance of their insurance provider. While it may seem like a formality or a waste of time, calling 911 even after a minor accident is something you should always do, and here's why.

  1. The damage to your car may be worse than it seems.

So maybe the damage done to either vehicle doesn't seem too bad: There may be a bit of a scratch or a minor dent, but it's nothing you don't think a quick shopping trip to the local auto store can't fix. But what if that shallow scratch or little dent is only the surface? What if the internal damage is worse than it appears? You should call 911 to procure police assistance so that if this is the case, insurance companies will appreciate a detailed police report to file any claims. Furthermore, if the damage done to your vehicle is way more advanced than it appears, the existence of a police report will help you get the insurance money to cover the cost of any necessary repairs.      2. The damage to you may be worse than it seems. You car is not the only one who can suffer as the result of a fender bender. In the moment you may feel fine, but this could be because of the adrenaline pumping through your veins. You should always call 911 after an accident because there is no telling what ailments may arise after you

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