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Road Safety: Motorcycle Edition

Motorcycles are often regarded as very cool or very dangerous, and sometimes both. No matter what camp you fall in to it is important to know basic road rules involving motorcycles. Whether you are the motorcyclist or a driver of a car, here is what you need to know to stay safe and to keep those around you safe.

  1. Pick the right bike.

Especially if you are new to the motorcycle world, it is of paramount importance you choose a bike that not only fits your skill-level, but also your body. Some things to think about are if both of your feet can reach the ground and if you can reach the controls quickly and easily. It is also important to consider how much power you can handle. Choose a model you are comfortable with and capable of handling alone. 2.Choose the right outfit. And by outfit that means safety gear. No matter what your state helmet laws are, you should be sporting a helmet each and every time you mount your bike. Helmets covering your entire face are the best bet to truly protect yourself from fatal damage. In Texas you are not legally required to wear a helmet as long as you are at least 21 years old, covered by at least $10,000 of accident medical insurance and have passed a motorcycle safety course. Regardless, helmets are the smart choice. Protective clothing is also the smart choice. When you're on your bike choose strong leather jackets and other pieces made from reinforced materials to avoid painful and gruesome road rash. 3. Stay alert. When you are riding your motorcycle you are automatically the smallest and most vulnerable vehicle on the road. Therefore you should be hyper-aware of your surroundings and the drivers around you. Drivers of big cars and trucks may not see you coming, so it's your job to stay alert and cognizant of traffic. On that same note, you should be aware of the day's weather. If you are a motorcyclist your method of transportation is greatly affected by the forecast. If the weather report predicts rain, know where to pull off and take cover. All of the responsibility does not reside with the motorcyclists, as every person operating a motor vehicle should award the act of driving their entire attention. However, accidents happen and drivers get distracted. If you are a driver of an automobile you should take extra caution when in traffic with a motorcyclist. Share the road and leave space between yourself and the bike or else one small brake or swerve can end in disaster. When it comes to auto accidents of any kind, Rhett Hoestenbach Law Firm is Austin's go-to personal injury law firm. If you should find yourself the victim of an auto or motorcycle accident contact the firm at [email protected]  or by phone at 512-472-8865.

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