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Going through any kind of accident - car-related, sport-related, water-related - can be incredibly traumatic in the moment. But the path to recovery and getting back to your pain-free life can be more life-altering and frustrating than the accident itself. Getting back to "normal" can seem impossible. Train 4 The Game was founded by Todd Wright to address and solve the very debacle mentioned above. Along with his business partner, Chris Braden had the intention to help people relocate their body's physical rhythm after it was lost post-accident and/or injury. By utilizing the strategies of applied functional science meant for athletes to reduce recovery time and the likelihood of other physical injuries, Train 4 the Game began their endeavor to help sufferers recover and become stronger than ever before. The pair quickly realized the expensive nature of the treatment was isolating for many who could not afford it. And so, they initiated custom classes in which the individual's needs were still focused upon and valued, but the setting transformed into a group recovery session led by a trained coach. This then manifested into the existence of fitness classes and custom programs available to those who need it. Keeping up with current fitness trends, Train 4 The Game also recently added a spin studio, which is home to fusion classes. In these classes, exercisers engage in Train 4 The Game's famed recovery-oriented floor work mixed with some spinning on the bikes--all in a doable 50-minute time block. This integration of workout styles expands way beyond the spinning studio, however, as integration is sort of Train 4 The Game's shtick. According to Braden, the body works like this: New or old injuries can restrict the motion that a joint is capable of moving through.  This negatively impacts the chain reaction of your body's biomechanics where an ankle injury may cause your knee or back to start hurting as a result.  Too often the knee or back becomes the point of focus when the cause is with the foot/ankle.  The body's interconnectivity is incredibly apparent, especially in injury cases treated with physical therapy. This is precisely why Train 4 The Game's market is focused on assisting those who seek restoration post physical therapy. Customers will began their restoration process with an evaluation to cement the course of action--do you want to reach your pre-accident physicality or are you interested in attaining peak physical shape? During this evaluation it is integral to mention any prior accidents or residual pain, i.e. if your knee flares up and hurts when you attempt to squat. By providing a complete and thorough profile to the team behind Train 4 The Game, you are securing a less injurious future. By simply asking, "What's your game - sports or just life?"  the coaches can get to know you and your body, and more importantly, how to rehab it. So if you suffer from the repercussions of an accident or injury and live in the Austin area, there is no reason to put off your recovery any longer--especially since the first class is free. So, now that you know, what's your game?   3201 Bee Cave Rd #121, Austin, TX 78746 (512) 794-2800 http://train4thegame.com/ Have you recently been in an personal injury related accident? Contact the Rhett Hoestenbach team to get the help you need.

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