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Driving in Worrisome Weather

As evidenced by a recent flash flood warnings issued by the National Weather Service, Austin, Texas is experiencing its fair share of weather woes. The warning, which was mainly directed at the area of the state containing Austin's Travis and Hays counties, cautioned 10-15 inches of heavy rainfall. While this massive dumping of rainwater is a safety issue in and of itself, the dangers accompanying such massive rainfall come with their own consequences and issues, too.   One consequence of major rainfall that impacts virtually everyone in Austin is the dangerous driving conditions. And though Austin is a largely walk-able city, most Austinites still rely on their vehicles as primary modes of transportation. It's no secret when rain and automobile traffic meet, the result is frustration, time delays and, above all, dangerous driving conditions.   If you live in or around Austin you should be aware of the various road closings due to the recent inclement weather, and you may do so by checking www.ATXfloods.com, which maintains up-to-date information and reminders. The site even offers helpful tips, such as warning drivers that it is in fact illegal to disregard and drive around barricades set up in indication of a flooded crossing. Here are some more wet weather driving tips to stay safe and prevent accidents:

  1. Slow down!

This may seem like common sense, but when it's gross outside all you want to do is get away from the dreariness, and speeding up is common practice among those eager to get home. So to avoid hydroplaning or even worse, a collision, slow it down and leave more space between you and the car in front of you. A rainy day would be made so much worse with a ticket or an accident on top of it.

  1. Turn off that cruise control.

Operating a car in autopilot is habit for most drivers, but when it is rainy and slippery on the roads it is imperative that the cruise control stays off and your full attention stays on. Because the roads are so wet it is harder to control your car and would be even harder to regain control of your car from its cruise control status.

  1. Don't slam on the brakes!

Sure, it's almost second nature to step on the brakes when you lose control of your car, but when the roads are wet doing so may only further your loss of control. So if you happen to skid on a wet road keep a firm grip on the steering wheel, be aware of the cars around you and DO NOT slam on your brakes. If for some reason you find yourself (and your car) a victim of Austin's recent weather, you should have personal injury attorney, Rhett Hoestenbach, on speed dial to take care of any possible injuries or accidents. Stay safe--and dry--out there!

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