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Driving on Ice: Avoid an Accident

With the holiday season coming up, you may be driving home to visit family. If you’re from Texas, you know it’s not a short trip to get from end of the state to the other. The trek can be long, but it should be safe. Before you get on the road consider these 7 helpful driving tips for staying safe on the road.

  1. Stay home if you can. The best way to stay safe is not getting on the road at all, or you can change your schedule. Talk to your employer to see if you can leave early, or wait for an off time to head out on the road. Showing up late is better than showing up with an injury.

  2. Take it slow. When driving on ice, high speeds make it easy to lose control and difficult to stop. No matter the vehicle, going above 45 mph is dangerous, even on highways. Some ice, such as black ice, may be difficult to see. If you suspect black ice, it is best to drive no more than 10 mph.

  3. Wear your seat belt. During the winter, wearing your seat belt can be even more critical. If you don’t take the most basic of safety precautions, even the most minor accident could be very dangerous.

  4. Go easy on your breaks and turn into a sled. Go so slow that you don’t have to use your breaks. When you’re sliding, you won’t be able to control the direction your vehicle is moving. It’s best to take it slow.

  5. Watch out for others on the road. If you are in an accident on an icy road, and your vehicle is still movable – keep moving! Until you are in a safe place off the road, you are vulnerable to out of control vehicles. Don’t get out of your car or stand on the road. You can inspect the damage to your car when you get out of the dangerous location. Stay aware of the other vehicles on the road that could be headed to the same place you crashed.

  6. Don’t stop for accidents or other vehicles on the roadway. Helping others is important, but even with the best intentions you could create more problems than you are able to solve. By approaching another vehicle, you put them at risk.

  7. Avoid hills and steep inclines. If there is ice on the road, there will be nothing you can do to slow down and may be tempted to step on the breaks.

If you’re traveling home this holiday season, stay safe and if necessary let your loved ones know you’ll be traveling late or leaving early. Even experienced drivers cannot control their vehicle on black ice.

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